UOI is represented by the Composite & Smart Materials Laboratory (CSML) active in the field of Advanced Composite Materials and Structures. CSML research activities include hierarchical Composites and interfaces, Smart multifunctional materials and structures, and novel NDE and process monitoring technique development based on Thermal, Optical and Electrical stimulation/ response of the interrogated structure. CSML has attracted approximately 1M€ funding from 2012, almost in total (>97%) from competitive research programs, direct collaborations with the industry and consultancy services.

Role in the project:

UOI has the leading role as Coordinator of HARVEST project.
Within WP1, UOI will take part in the definition of materials, processes, requirements & constraints for hierarchical & TEG-enabled composites.
In WP2, UOI will supervise the installation of the roll-to-toll line coating setup for TEG-enabled CF tows & textiles. Additionally, UOI will be responsible for the production of TEG-enabled hierarchical reinforcements; the application of doping strategies-chemistries (n- & p-doping for maximizing TEG) on carbon fibers and nanoparticles; the modification of conventional & 3R epoxy matrices with nanoparticles; the manufacturing and performance assessment of TEG-enabled CF yarns by R2R: and the micro mechanical tests on single fibers & model composites.
In WP3, UOI will be responsible for the manufacturing and evaluation of TEG-enabled hierarchical composite laminae.
In WP4, UOI will assist in the modelling of the thermal and electrical conductivity of the TEG-enabled modules.
In WP5, UOI will have a key role in: the development & optimization of the manufacturing process for the realization of the TEG enabled laminates; the assessment of the performance of the TEG-enabled laminate composites under thermal, mechanical & environmental fatigue; and the characterization of the degradation & failure phenomena of the intelligent laminated composites.

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