SONACA Group is a global Belgian industry active in the development, manufacturing, and assembly of advanced structures for civil, military, and space markets. With over 30 years of expertise in the sector, the group is especially known for its wing movables expertise where it is regarded the world leader serving most of the primes and with a market share of over 50%. It has production facilities in Europe, North-America, South-America and China and employs over 2500 people including 350 engineers. With around 70M€ annual investments (CAPEX, R&T, Product development), Sonaca is very active in technological developments.

Role in the project:

Sonaca will contribute to WP1 and WP3 requirements/specifications for aerospace parts/ validation article related to composite materials and processes. In addition, in WP4, Sonaca will supply know-how related to the identification of hot spots and the structural performance. In WP5 and WP6, Sonaca will assist providing know-how on the integration of sensors and on composite production and on the evaluation of composites performance at coupon level. In WP7, Sonaca will have a shared lead with Carbures on building a demonstrator including TEGs functionality, whose performance will be evaluated. In WP8 and WP9, Sonaca provide inputs for dissemination of knowledge generated in the project and plan various presentations within the whole Airbus community to find suitable internal ‘customers’ for the developed technology.

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