IVW is represented by the Tailored & Smart Composites Laboratory (TSCL), working in the field of multifunctional composite materials and structures for more than twenty years. Providing cutting edge research on active hybrid composites and NDE / SHM systems based on acoustic and thermal interaction, TSCL has a annual turnover in R&D-projects of approx. 600 k€ from public funded research programs and direct collaboration with industry.

Role in the project:

In WP1, IVW will assist in the definition of materials and processes for the manufacturing of the TEG enabled composites. Based on the selected materials, IVW will determine suitable methods for the manufacturing and quality inspection of the TEG laminates. Relevant manufacturing defects (like trapped air, resin pockets, delaminations, etc.) will be defined in this context and compared to the potential of available NDT methods in order to build up a standardized quality inspection methodology which will be applied during the whole project. The selected methodology for quality inspection will be performed and evaluated on the manufactured TEG laminae in WP3. Based on the evaluation, IVW will optimize the methodology iteratively, while giving the other partners necessary feedback in order to improve the manufacturing process and the quality of the resulting TEG laminates.

IVW is responsible for the characterization and testing campaign that is part of WP 5. The functional and mechanical properties of the TEG enabled laminates will be characterized in different stages and conditions to validate the performance of the material and its constituents. Furthermore, the SHM ability via resistance monitoring and the repairability of the 3R resin will be assessed in the scope of the campaign.

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