B&T Composites is a SME producing lightweight constructions using especially selected carbon fibers and a variation of resin systems according to the end user requirements. Owning two state-of-the-art filament winding machines and two state-of-the-art curing ovens, BNT delivers high end products in many European customers. Research is obligatory so as to face the challenges of industry and is conducted by BNT in close cooperation with all the faculties of Engineering Universities in Greece and research centers.

Role in the project:

B&T Composites will be the leader of WP3. The main goal of this work package is the manufacturing of TEG-enabled laminae, the evaluation of the TEG-enabled hierarchical laminae efficiency and the specification for TEG powered autonomous structural health monitoring in cooperation with CAR, UOI, NCYL,TELE, FOM, CID, IVW and SON.

B&T will also have an important role in WP7, dealing with the design of the Aeronautics demonstrator, the environmental impact assessment and life cycle costing assessment. Moreover, B&T Composites will contribute in the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

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