New Year, new step towards TEG validation for aircraft Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

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SONACA (Belgium) and B&T Composites (Greece) Map

WP7 aims to design and manufacture both leading edge and tubular aeronautical demonstrators for HARVEST.
The first manufacturing trials of the leading edge demonstrator: which includes a Thermo-Electrical Generator (TEG) device, has just been successfully performed at the end of 2020 thanks to the collaborative work of AIRTIFICIAL and SONACA with prepreg materials manufactured by the University of Ioannina developed from CIDETEC 3R resins.



It paves the way to the manufacturing of the final demonstrator of wing leading edge skin including TEG beginning of 2021.
This demonstrator will be tested in actual aircraft condition: -70°C atmosphere with connected electrical deicing system. It will allow to Harvest power from temperature gradient and use it to power and wireless transfer thermocouples data thanks to an electronic board developed by TELETEL.
Those thermocouples are used for Structural Health Monitoring of the electrical deicing system.

And if this was not enough, we have additional good news: BNT has finally manufactured the final tubular demonstrators using two different kinds of hierarchical raw materials! The placement of the electronics, which are being developed by TELETEL in the framework of WP6, aimed at monitoring the structural health of the components is the last step!



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