Main results associated with the modelling activities in laminate presented in AIAS Conference

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The Italian Association of Machine Design (AIAS) has managed to organise this year also an online conference to discuss national research developments in mechanical design, experimental methods, simulation strategies, advanced materials, and processes.

In one of the sessions dedicated to composite materials, UNPD presented the main results associated with the modelling activities on laminates developed within the HARVEST project. In summary, the closed-form model developed in the HARVEST project has been presented and explained to evaluate the thermoelectric behaviour of a generic composite laminate from the properties of the laminate. The model has been verified both numerically, with a dedicated set of Finite Element Analyses, and experimentally, taking advantage of an ad-hoc experimental campaign.

This study has been made possible thanks to the undisputed collaboration among partners, especially between UOI and UNPD.

This conference registered an important participation of members of the Italian scientific community in the field of machine design. It was also a great opportunity to disseminate the HARVEST consortium, its objectives and some of the remarkable results of the second part of the project.



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