ICMAT symposium Q: Advanced Materials for Thermoelectrics

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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Map

This symposium will cover recent progress in thermoelectric materials, including but not limited to novel nanostructured materials, bulk composites, conducting polymers, inorganic-organic hybrids, and compound semiconductors.
Specific emphasis will be laid on innovative design and synthesis routes of new materials, new physics concepts and unique thermoelectric module engineering principles.
Importance will be given to development of measurement protocols for thin film Seebeck, thermal conductivity and powerfactor.
Theoretical ideas on not only understanding fundamental properties, but predictive TE material design as well are expected to further synergize the search for next-generation thermoelectric materials.

Visit the website for further information: https://icmat2019.mrs.org.sg/symp-list/symp-q/

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