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After the cancellation of the 19th European Conference of Composite Materials (ECCM19) due to COVID-19, some ECCM on-line sessions were organized during the week from June 22nd to June 26th by internationally acknowledged scientists. One of the sessions was organised by the research group on composite materials of the University of Padova on the “Health Monitoring of Advanced Composite Materials”. The session was held on June 24th and was a very successful event, recording the participation of about 90 attendants.

Among the seven contributions presented during the session, two of them were related to the HARVEST project. The first one was given by Lazaros Tzouris (University of Ioannina), entitled “The “Harvest” Project: Multifunctional aerospace composite structures: inherent energy harvesting for autonomous SHM”. In this contribution, the general framework of the project was presented, together with the main advances in the design and realization of a technological demonstrator.



The second presentation was given by Paolo Andrea Carraro (University of Padova), entitled “Micro-mechanical formulations for modelling the thermo-electric properties of continuous fibre reinforced composites”. In this context, the innovative strategies for modelling the thermo-electric behaviour of fibre-reinforced composites developed during the project were presented.



The session represented a great opportunity for researchers from all over the world to share and discuss their results, and for the HARVEST consortium to disseminate some of the main outcomes of the first half of the project.

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