Final HARVEST project Meeting (M36) on-line

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On 29 September 2021, the HARVEST project held its last online (live) project meeting where the technical progress of the last 6 months was discussed, and work was organised for the completion of the project in November.

As usual, during the meeting the partners responsible for the work packages 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 together with the responsible for each task, showed and explained in detail the results obtained and the conclusions reached.

IVW with the collaboration of UOI and CIDETEC has summarized and presented the work developed in WP5 in relation to the TEG efficiency, mechanical properties, multi-functionality, and durability and repairability.

AIRTIFICIAL together with TELETEL and IVW have shared the technical progress made with the consortium. This package has been based on the development of an electronic circuit and the interconnections with the TEG board. Experimentation with the TEG elements and the energy harvesting electronics has been successful.

In WP 7, “Aeronautics demonstrators: Validation & Optimisation” led by SONACA, the progress made in terms of demonstrator design, durability, and validation of parts in different simulated environmental conditions was presented. BNT and UOI explained the results and shared the conclusions in detail. Within this package, and not less important, R-Tech has also shown the status of the LCA and LCC studies.

CIDETEC presented work package 8 summarising the latest activities of communication, dissemination, and exploitation of results of the HARVEST project. It is remarkable the collaboration of the whole consortium and especially of the University of Ioannina, University of Padova, R-Tech and CIDETEC.


Before the end of the meeting, in WP9, R-Tech explained the study developed around the risk management of the project, where the collaboration and involvement of the whole consortium was emphasised once again.

The project coordinator, UOI, closed the meeting with a review of the project to date, and the pending work to be done to finish the project on schedule.

This ambitious project has been a professional challenge for the entire consortium, which is undoubtedly being overcome thanks to the collaboration, professionalism, and dedication in the work. Congratulations!

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