Environmental and economic analyses of HARVEST products ongoing

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The environmental and economic analyses of the HARVEST product have kicked-off within WP7 at M18. The tasks analyse and evaluate the production of TEG-enabled bulk structural composites from an environmental aspect and compare the sustainability impact with the composite resources available on the market. R-Tech has started the first phase of its Life Cycle Assessment at the Hierarchical nanomodified Composites level, done by taking into account the input data from its partners (UOI, FOM, UNIPD, IVW, CID, BNT, AIR, TELE). Also, the first phase of Life Cycle Costing at the composite level has started, which will help develop a business model and encourage the marketing of TEG-enabled hierarchical composite systems by quantifying financial viability as well as cost-effectiveness. The next phase of the analyses will involve the demonstration level with partner SON.

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