Achievement of a high quality, continous & homogeneous nanocoating onto cf substrate via R2R SLOT DIE COATING

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CSML at University of Ioannina, Greece Map

We are very happy to announce that after two years of extremely hard work from all of our partners in HARVEST H2020 project, Composites & Smart Materials Laboratory (CSML) coordinates from the University of Ioannina (UOI), we have been able to achieve a high quality, continuous & homogeneous nanocoating onto a porous fibre-based CF substrate via R2R slot die coating. It is really a very tough and demanding job that advanced rheology of ink & R2R process optimisation are required!

The hierarchical reinforcements will be impregnated in one-step process into unique 3R aerospace resin developed by CIDETEC partner in the project to achieve nanostructured and stronger interfaces in the FRP parts. TEG devices printed on fibrous reinforcements will be integrated in the final FRP demonstrators (SONACA, Airtificial, B&T) towards thermoelectrically-enabled advanced composites.


A huge effort has been devoted from the first steps of i) designing & installation of the line to our premises by FOM partner according to all project needs; ii) designing the thermoelectric CNT-based inks with proper dopants rheology, viscosity modifiers with thermal stability and counterbalanced carrier mobility & density (Nanocyl, UOI/ CSML); iii) modelling the thermoelectric behaviour of structural FRP and real structures (UNIPD, UOI/ CSML); iv) LCA & cost analysis (R-Tech), v) advanced mechanical testing & NDT (IVW, UOI/ CSML), vi) electronics for energy harvesting & utilisation (TELETEL), and vii) demo manufacturing (SONACA, Airtificial, B&T).

All this work thanks to the funding received by the EU and H2020 MG-1-4 program and combining our partners’ unique expertise in advanced physics, materials chemistry, mathematical modelling, materials & mechanical engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, machinery development and retrofitting, targeting the EU leadership in next-gen. TEG-enabled aerospace structures.”

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