UNIPD is represented by the Composite Group at DTG, which is active in the damage mechanics, modelling and multifunctional response of Advanced Composite Materials and Structures. The research activity of the group focuses on the investigation for fatigue design of composite structures under in service loading, the development and implementation of tools for design against fatigue, the investigation and modelling of the multifunctional response of advanced composites as well as the implementation of solutions for structural health monitoring of composite structures. More than 1M€ funding has been received by the group in the last five years from national and international competitive research programs as well as from collaborative project supported by the industry in particular in the automotive field.

Role in the project:

The main task of UNIPD will be the development of analytical, numerical and hybrid (semi-analytical) models, to study the thermoelectric properties of the produced TEG-enabled hierarchical composites, accounting also for the initiation and subsequent propagation of damage, (such as cracks and delamination). In addition, UNIPD will also carry out an extensive experimental campaign, with the aim to accurately describe the main damage mechanisms occurring in TEG-enabled composites subjected to static and cyclic mechanical and environmental loadings, over the whole life of the specimen, carefully investigating and characterizing the initiation and the evolution of damage.

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