Teletel designs and develops hardware and software solutions for aircraft avionics as well as validation solutions with special focus on testing & monitoring tools for on-board data communications, on-board data handling electronics and software, wireless sensor networks, remotely powered aircraft wireless sensors, etc. TELE has delivered specialized solutions to leading Aeronautics industries including THALES AVIONICS, DASSAULT AVIATON, AIRBUS & also involved in R&D programs funded by EU consortia as well as ESA studies.

Role in the project:

With its broad expertise in HW subsystems development and data communication solutions, in the HARVEST project, TELETEL will analyse the requirements and will perform a technology review related to the electronic components required for exploiting the TEG energy from the structural composite. TELETEL will perform an architectural design of an electronic board that will store the TEG energy in order to power an integrated microprocessor for performing the calculations required and wirelessly transmit real time signals, thus informing the user for the structural integrity of the bulk composite. Based on the selected architecture, TELETEL will develop the board and will design and develop the software components required for displaying the data. All the SW and HW subsystems will integrated on the HARVEST demonstrators.

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